Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a cleaning service?

Finding the right match for your cleaning needs is essential. When you hire a great company, you won’t have to deal with quality and reliability issues.

Working with the wrong cleaning services drains your wallet and costs you valuable time, warns Dawson Property Management. You could even discover that they create more problems than they solve in the first place.

In this article, we’ll list the top tips for hiring a cleaning service.

Tip #1: Ask a lot of questions




Ask questions that make a difference, allowing you to understand what companies can provide the best value. Too many homeowners pick the first service provider without understanding their principles and work ethics.

Here are some questions that could provide valuable insight into the cleaning service’s operations:

• Do I have to supply you with cleaning equipment and products or do you supply your own?
• Can we sign a written contract that spells out all the responsibilities?
• Does your company provide a client satisfaction guarantee? If yes, what are the guidelines?
• Is your cleaning service company properly bonded and insured?
• How do you access your clients’ homes? What do I have to provide for smooth access?

These are just some sample questions that you can ask. You could interview the representative by using more specific questions relevant to your situation.


Tip #2: Interview multiple companies

Contact and interview at least three to four cleaning services. When you talk with only 1-2 service providers, you may miss out on finding the best match for your cleaning needs.

Consider that the market prices for cleaning could vary more than you imagine. Getting several estimates allows you to compare the providers based on their respective rates.

Tip #3: Ask for recommendations




Do your friends have any cleaning companies that they could vouch for? Personal testimonials are great for finding the top service providers. You could ask from friends, co-workers or even local businesses.

While you’re at it, you could inquire about bad experiences as well. For example, there could be cleaning companies with low-quality results or financial issues. Then you will know which companies to avoid at all costs.


Tip #4: Investigate their staffing situation

Always ask whether the company conducts background checks for their staff and what their turnover rate is. These two staff-related questions are very important for ensuring a consistent and safe experience with the company.

Background checks are crucial because you aren’t directly hiring the cleaning crew. You want to make sure that the company takes all the appropriate measures to send honest and hard-working people into the clients’ homes.

The turnover rate shows how often you could expect seeing new faces in the cleaning team who services your home. It’s better to have the same crew cleaning your property.


Tip #5: Clarify the pricing structure

You don’t want to get surprises on your bill after the first round of invoicing is complete. Working with a bigger agency means that you should check there aren’t any hidden fees in their pricing strategy.

When you hire an individual cleaner for your home, be careful not to hire them as an employee instead of an independent contractor. That’s because the tax situation and any associated responsibilities are wildly different.


Tip #6: Prepare your home for cleaning



Do you want to maximize the efforts of your cleaning crew? Organize and prepare your home to make their work more efficient. When they start to tidy up, it takes a chunk out of the actual cleaning time.

Here are some of the things you can do for preparation:

  • Secure valuables, including cash, jewelry, and small electronics
  • Place important documents in a secure spot
  • Pick up toys, books, and other items that could be laying around
  • Keep your pets in one room for the duration of the cleaning

In a nutshell: Tips for Hiring a Cleaning Service

Finding a great cleaning service saves money, reduces stress, and wins you more free time. However, partnering with a stellar cleaning company isn’t as easy as picking the first provider you see on a listing site.

Here are the top tips for hiring a cleaning service:

• Ask for both recommendations and reviews
• Interview at least 3-4 companies
• Make sure that their pricing is transparent
• Understand how they hire their staff
• Prepare your home to get the most value for your money
• Ask many questions that help you make the final decision

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